Collective Strategy provides strategic guidance and tactical training for your online projects and presence.

We design strategic online communications plans and content strategies for your organization, and will help you to be engaging and effective online. We work with leaders, teams and sectors focused on social change, and we will help you and your campaigns achieve better online successes through realistic goal-setting and ongoing learning.


Cassie Barker, Principal

Cassie Barker, Principal

Cassie loves a good underdog cause, and brings the passion, insight and creativity needed to support them. She hails from a small town along Ontario’s St. Lawrence shores, where she witnessed first-hand how pollution, poverty and prejudice create the conditions for struggling economies and unhealthy communities.

She holds a Masters of Science from the University of Guelph, and has worked as a web strategist and communications staffer with a range of organizations – from the volunteer-led grassroots Wellington Water Watchers, to the Canadian environmental law charity Ecojustice, to the international climate change campaign TckTckTck. She now provides online strategy support and web training to a range of nonprofit and social-mission business clients.

Our Vision

Collective Strategy sees ecosystems of social change agents, and wants each player in this system to know their niche, their strengths, their role and opportunities to shape individual and collective change-making priorities. We believe this awareness will support more effectiveness, less burnout and better success stories from the sector as a whole.

Collective Strategy supports the technical and communications capacity in you, your team and your sector, so that change agents are equipped with the skills and tools to tell your compelling and inspiring stories well. supports social change workers and campaigns struggling with mission drift, unclear success metrics and burnout, and helps you build effectiveness and alignment into your work.